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    make new friends in your city


    Post a flyer

    To meet new people simply post a flyer. Your flyer shows other users who you are and what you’re looking for. The more creatively you design your flyer, the greater the chances are that other like-minded people will join the conversation.


    Join the discussion

    Tap on flyers you like to see more information about the flyer. Tear off a tab to join or simply find out more about the flyer and its author. Joining a flyer lets you see who else has joined and also have a group conversation. Chat and get to know the flyer author and its other members.


    Private messaging and Chat

    Tearing off a tab and joining a flyer will open up a chat connection with the flyer’s creator and all its members. You can have a conversation with other like-minded people by commenting on the flyer and you also have the chance to message other members privately.


    Create flyers with our wizard wheel

    Easily create flyers using our awesome wizard wheel. The wheel helps you personalize your flyer with multiple suggestions for every mood. Tell others how you’re feeling and either post your own text or get inspired with ideas from Likemind’s wizard.

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    About us

    Likemind was founded in 2012 by Jens, Annika & Daniel. We are a small yet growing team based in Berlin, Germany. Our goal is to provide the best service ever created to meet new people in an easy, fun and safe way.


    In case you have any questions or feedback regarding our service please contact us at For business related inquiries, please contact our business development team at


    For press related inquiries please send us an email at We also have a press kit prepared for you that contains our logo and product screenshots. Feel free to use these materials in your application.